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Sometimes a couple hits roadblocks in their relationship that cannot seem to be talked out, no matter how many times each partner tries. Oftentimes, it takes an objective third-party to assist in first finding the true source(s) of conflict and then facilitating and instructing a couple on how to communicate, heal, and ultimately move on. When blinded by emotion, a person can lose sight of what he or she might be contributing to the temporary failure in communication. One role of the couples counselor is to create a non-judgmental environment in which each side can be heard, validated, and empowered to take responsibility to make the relationship whole again. My approach to couples counseling draws from three primary therapies: the Gottman Method , emotionally-focused therapy (EFT) , and psychodynamic psychotherapy . In couples therapy / marital counseling with me, one can expect the following:

  • Have ample opportunity to explain grievances
  • Learn communication techniques which foster respect
  • Learn skills to manage conflicts
  • Learn to ask for what you need
  • Learn to control reactivity to encourage productive discussion of issues
  • Break out of old, destructive habits and patterns

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