Summer Transitions

June 14, 2018

Another summer is here, and that can mean many different things, depending on what particular chapter you find yourself in life. High school seniors might find themselves on top of the world, having just conquered twelve years of grade school and excited to enter a new, untapped world of adulthood and independence. College graduates may experience a mixed bag of accomplishment and confusion, depending on job prospects, career paths, and sizable student debt. Restaurateurs in New Orleans are likely bracing for the inevitable summer slowdown as festival season slows and tourist traffic dwindles. Wherever you happen to find yourself, summer oftentimes brings with it some type of transition. The question is, are you prepared to face the change head-on, or are you retreating into self-defeating procrastination, avoidance, or self-doubt?

It's important to understand that the human brain is designed to keep us safe, and safety can be found in what is already known, i.e., situations for which we already have memories. When faced with a potentially new (and therefore potentially threatening) set of circumstances, our internal wiring will likely sound the alarms and attempt to avoid, attack, or ignore the new information, with the noble intention of simply keeping us out of harm's way. We need courage to silence the alarms and investigate this new information; and that is the more difficult, yet potentially more fulfilling, option. Basically, we become faced with a short-term vs. long-term rewards situation. We can either avoid, attack, or ignore the new information, giving us temporary (short-term) relief; or we can lean into and embrace it, confident that our safety will not be compromised and that we will likely grow as a result of this exposure to previously unexplored realms of life.

Change can occur at any point in life, so it is important that we have the necessary tools and coping mechanisms to handle the novelty of any given situation. If you find yourself stuck and unable to move forward, I am available to help. Having assisted hundreds of clients, each experiencing a unique blend of challenges, I have the ability to lend an objective perspective to your particular flavor of confusion and to ultimately get you onto a path of success. ( Click here read more about the services I offer. )

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